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The announcement of entry for New International Students of 2021/2022 Fall semester
updated on October 7th

※疫情相關問題Q&A This is an image
※FAQs on foreign entry in Taiwan during COVID-19
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※110學年度外國新生入境申請流程及檢疫規定說明Application Procedure for entry and quarantine requirements 這是一張圖片
※110學年度外國新生入境辦理事項To-do list for new foreign students to enter Taiwan 這是一張圖片
※110學年度外國舊生入境 (防疫旅館篇)Foreign Students's Entry Information for current student (at quarantine hotel) This is a image
※110學年度外國舊生入境 (集中檢疫所篇)Foreign Students's Entry Information for current student (at – at group quarantine facilities這是一張圖片


1. From October 12, the school course will be taught on-site, all activities and events will be held accordingly.



2. According to the latest announcement of CECC and MOE, Taiwan has begun the process for entry of new international students. Please contact us constantly for the renewal information of visa, date of entry, entry procedure, and other related to COVID 19 prevention.

3. Please prepare your verified diploma & transcript and insurance documents for enrollment.

a. 有效護照影本;
b. 經駐外館處驗證之學歷證明文件正本(含成績單);
c. 學生綜合資料紀錄本(紙本);
d. 學雜費收據/繳費證明影本 
另,請同學線上登錄學籍資料(https://reurl.cc/yegnQ2),可聯繫你的學伴幫助 (若無法填寫時,請聯繫我們)。
帳號: 學號
密碼: 西元出生年月日(YYYY/MM/DD)

4. In response to the spread of the pandemic in Taiwan, the school has changed the policy of registration to deliver the document instead, please prepare the following documents to complete the procedure after you finish your 14-day quarantine:
a. Photocopy of valid passport;
b. Original copy and photocopy of verified degree certificate and transcript;
c. Student comprehensive date record table;
d. Photocopy of tuition fee payment receipt
*Pay by credit card / ATM / post office counter / convenient store
Please finish the Student Academic Record online (https://reurl.cc/yegnQ2). You can find your study buddy for help. (If the online form is closed, please let us know).
Account: students ID number

Password: the date of birth (YYYY/MM/DD)

a. 請email您自行購買的保險證明至amywang@mail.ntue.edu.tw(自行投保之醫療及傷害保險,自入境當日起應有至少6個月校期,該保險證明並應經駐外館處驗證)
b. 如您已經持有健保卡,請email您的健保卡照片至amywang@mail.ntue.edu.tw,我們會另外製作您的健保費繳費單,並通知您繳費事宜。如您的公司有幫您辦理健保,則由您的公司繼續幫您辦理,免向學校繳費。
c. 匯款新臺幣3,000元,購買學校提供的基礎醫療保險: http://reurl.cc/AR88Nd
銀行代號: 012
匯款帳號: 411168216920


5. Insurance (choose a, b, or c)

a. Send the insurance certificate purchased by yourself to amywang@mail.ntue.edu.tw.
(The medical and injury insurance should remain at least 6 -months validity. The documents should also have been verified by Taiwan's overseas institutes.)

b. If you already have an NHI card, send the photo of the card to amywang@mail.ntue.edu.tw. We will issue you the NHI payment bill later. If your company has been providing you the NHI, then there’s no need to make the payment to the school additionally.

c. Buy NTUE Cathay Life Insurance (https://reurl.cc/r18DGx ). Transfer NT$3,000 to the following account:
Bank code: 012
Account number: 411168216920

*Keep the record/ receipt of your remittance carefully. After transfer, please send the record/ photo of the receipt and your account number to amywang@mail.ntue.edu.tw.


Freshmen Health Examination: follow the regulation of the school health center, we will inform you later.


Dormitory payment: For the students who applied to the dorm, the payment bill will inform you once it comes out. Please pay attention to the announcement from the Office of Student Affairs (https://dorm.ntue.edu.tw/)





8. CECC maintains Level 2 epidemic alert from October 5 to October 18,  related details are listed below:
A. Venues that meet the disease prevention and management regulations of regulatory authorities are allowed to open, and the following venues should follow related regulations or guidelines: 
1. Video game arcades, Internet cafes, MTVs, KTV clubs (self-service KTV and telephone booth-like KTV), board game cafes, majiang clubs.
2. Religious venues or place of worship:
(1) Pilgrimage groups and dining events are allowed conditionally.
(2) There is no requirement of checkerboard seating in religious venues or places of worship.
3. Dining: there is no requirement of dividers or of a distance of 1.5 meters when eating in food and beverage venues; social interactions such as leaving one's own table to toast other tables are allowed at banquets; rules for serving food to guests are eased in restaurants offer a set menu for a group of people and offer a buffet.
4. Convenience stores can sell hot food items, including tea eggs and oden without the staff providing assistance.
5. TV news anchors do not need to wear a mask when officially filming if they can maintain social distancing from other staff.

B. Starting October 5, people will not be required to wear a mask outdoors in the following situations:
1. People in the agriculture, forestry, fishing, and animal husbandry sectors that work in open spaces (such as farm fields, fish ponds, forests and mountains) will not be required to wear masks; however, they should still carry a mask with them and to maintain social distancing from others.
2. People in forests and mountains (including forest recreation areas) and those on the beach will not be required to wear a mask, but they should carry a mask with them and to maintain social distancing from others.
3. In the above-mentioned situations, people will still be required to wear a mask if there is a sudden surge in crowds, or social distancing can't be maintained at the place where you work or interact with others.
4.Other applicable rules from the competent authority should be followed.

C. Venues that should remain closed: Singing and dance venues, nightclubs, clubs, hostess bars, bars, pubs, and beauty parlors (tourist parlors and audio-video parlors).


Resource from: Taiwan Centers for Disease Control

The announcement for overseas New/Current International Students of 2020/2021
1. Current students entry and starting the new semester
Ministry of Education has announced those foreign students who are not limited from low- and medium low-risk countries or regions (a total of 19) are allowed to enter Taiwan. From July 22rd students can enter Taiwan through the procedure of MOE and inform the Division of International Affairs ASAP, and undergo the quarantine for 14 days in Quarantine Hotel.
2. New foreign students entry Taiwan and starting the new semester
Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, NTUE complies with the notice from the Ministry of Education and CECC. Until July 15th was total opened the Current student and New foreign students of 2020/2021 in 19 countries/regions to enter Taiwan, including Vietnam, Hong Kong(note 1), Macau, Thailand, Palau, Australia(note 1), New Zealand, Brunei, Fiji, Mongolia, Bhutan, Laos, Cambodia, Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Myanmar.
  1. 至台灣駐外辦事處/代表處辦理學生居留簽證
  2. 預定抵台機票(目前已預訂8/20防疫旅館、於8/20後抵台者請來信)
  3. 取得簽證號碼後「盡快」填寫表單(https://forms.gle/QXFidaoRLQPbvmZB7)。
  4. 國際組會於取得你的簽證、護照、及相關資料後盡快送至教育部(需約一個禮拜時間),並於教育部核可「許可函」及「境外生入境許可證明」後盡快製作email給學生。
  5. 請同學將以上兩項文件印出紙本並隨身攜帶。
3. Preparation phase for new foreign students
For the foreign admitted students of 1st intake who stay overseas, please follow the direction below to apply for the visa and other matters:
  1. Visit the Taiwan overseas missions to apply for a residence visa.
  2. Book the flight ticket (now we already book the quarantine hotel for August 20th, for those arriving after please let us know by email).
  3. Fill in the survey once you receive your resident visa(https://forms.gle/QXFidaoRLQPbvmZB7).
  4. We will issue the “official notice document”and “Overseas Student Entry Permit Certificate”by email to you once we receive your documents from MOE.
  5. Please print it out and bring it with you.

  1. 於機場電信櫃台辦理短期電話卡
  2. 上網登入「入境檢疫系統(https://hdhq.mohw.gov.tw/)」,填寫完成後將收到「健康申報憑證」。
  1. 於機場繳交檢疫通知書處,出示「健康申報憑證」畫面供核對。
  2. 主動與學校人員聯繫。
  3. 出境後請在黃色境外生報到櫃台(overseas students reception counter),出示以下兩樣文件:學校許可函入境許可證明、手機「健康申報憑證」之防疫旅館地址
  4. 接受指引前往搭乘防疫計程車前往防疫旅館(約新台幣1,000元),搭乘時需填寫防疫計程車申請單
4. The important notice before go through customs for new foreign student
Foreign students should comply with the direction after getting off the plane and before going through the customs
  1. Apply for the short-term phone card at the airport telecom.
  2. Log in to the “Quarantine System for Entry (https://hdhq.mohw.gov.tw/)”, after finish the online form you will get a “Home Quarantine Declaration Certificate”on your phone.
*You must fill in the phone number that is available in the next 14 days, and provides the address of the quarantine hotel as well.
  1. Present the screenshot of “Home Quarantine Declaration Certificate”to the customs.
  2. Contact the NTUE school staff proactively.
  3. Check-in at the Yellow “Overseas Students Reception Counter”and present “official notice document”,“overseas student entry permit certificate”, and “Home Quarantine Declaration Certificate”.
  1. Take the quarantine taxi to the quarantine hotel under the guidance (it costs around NTD$ 1,000), and fill in the form of a quarantine taxi.
  1. 領取防疫包、聽取衛教及叮嚀。
  2. 14天檢疫期間請按時接聽關懷電話。
  3. 每日回報體溫及健康情形兩次。
  4. 完成14天檢疫後請繳交檢疫通知書健康紀錄表
  5. 自主健康管理 7 天(可出門,但須量體溫、戴口罩)。
  6. 完成檢疫後15日內,請盡快換發外僑居留證ARC(https://orad.ntue.edu.tw/zh_tw/4/intl_Students/arc/?wiki=51861212)。
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5. The notice of quarantine hotel for foreign students
  1. Receive the epidemic prevention kits, follow the health education and warnings.
  2. Answer the call for physical and mental care on time.
  3. Report body temperature and health status twice a day.
  4. Submit quarantine notice and health record form after complete the 14 days quarantine.
  5. Self-health monitoring for 7 days (can go outdoor, but should keep checkup on the body temperature and wear the mask).
  6. Renew your residence visa to ARC within 15 days after completing the 14 days quarantine.(https://orad.ntue.edu.tw/zh_tw/4/intl_Students/arc/?wiki=51861212).
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6. Announcement of course selection for new semester
First phase: Monday, August 24, 9am to Wednesday, August 26, 12pm, and check the result on Thursday, August 27, 4pm.
Second phase: Tuesday, September 1, 12pm to Thursdays, September 3, 11:59pm, and check the result on September 4, 4pm.
Third phase: Monday, September 7, 12pm to Friday, September 18, 6pm, and check the final course list on Student Information System.
Website for course selection: http://apstu.ntue.edu.tw
Account: Student ID number; password: your birth (ex: 19950130).
7. 2020/2021 on-campus dormitory opening time of new semester
For those already assigned the on-campus dormitory (not Wo-long Dormitory), the opening time of 2020/2021 of new semester is on August 29, please follow the latest information on Office of Student Affairs (https://dorm.ntue.edu.tw/).
NTUE Wo-long related information
8. Announcement of purchasing masks
This is an image
This is an image
事前預購口罩流程Pre-order mask procedure
Using NHI card and residence visa register and set up the code on (https://cloudicweb.nhi.gov.tw/cloudic/system/mlogin.aspx), after finish the procedure above, you can pre-order the mask on eMask website (https://emask.taiwan.gov.tw/msk/index.jsp).
For mask Issues: Please call 1922、1919 (toll-free) or go to National Health Insurance Administration website (www.nhi.gov.tw) to search for the NHI contracted pharmacy. Or call 0800-030-598 or 4128-678 (without adding area code), cell phone please call 02-4128-678.
九、請加入疾管家 line帳號 (https://page.line.me/vqv2007o),了解衛生署最新通告。相關訊息亦可查詢疾管署官網:https://www.cdc.gov.tw/
9. Please join LINE Account (https://page.line.me/vqv2007o) for any notices from the Department of Health. Please also check the latest information for 2019 Novel Coronavirus on the website of the Centers for the Disease Control: https://www.cdc.gov.tw/En

10. To focus the report of COVID-19 on time, please refer to the website below,(https://covid-19.nchc.org.tw/dt_004-my_daily_reports_global_population.php)The global map of COVID-19