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【NTUE International Students Scholarship】(2024-2025 Academic Year)

【NTUE International Students Scholarship】(2024-2025 Academic Year)

To encourage outstanding students of foreign nationality to study at NTUE, we reward the University's international students every academic year. Application can be accepted from now to 5.30pm on Apr 30. Please see the information below.

* Qualified applicantsNewly admitted student who have not received any other scholarships from the Taiwan government, current international students in NTUE.

* Award PeriodSep, 2024 – Aug, 2025

* Award Amount and Number of RecipientsNTD4,000 to 6,000 per month/per person. The number of recipients is subject to the amount of funds allocated.

*How to Apply

-For students applying for 2024 admission: Choose "yes" at the scholarship field when submitting the application for admission online. (Link: https://enroll.ntue.edu.tw/foreign)

-For current students in NTUE: Submitting the following documents. (Please find the application form for more details)

  1. Application Form (Please download the attached)
  2. Transcript of the Previous Academic Year
  3. Photocopy of Student ID Card (The photocopy should be stamped with enrollment seal)


*The result is scheduled to be released by email before the end of June. If there are awardees not eligible or giving up receiving the scholarship, we might notice the others applications to fill the vacancy.

*If you are a NTUE International Student Scholarship awardee from Sep 2023- Aug 2024, please note that:

  1. This scholarship is examined and issued every academic year. You have to file the application again as a NTUE current student if you would like to receive the scholarship for Sep 2024 – Aug 2025. The result will be released as mentioned above.
  2. The awardees shall provide administrative assistance for at least 72 hours in the academic year. If you haven’t finished your 72 hours for the scholarship for Sep 2023- Aug 2024, you can still submit the application. If you are selected to be the awardee again, you will need to finish 72 hours for the previous year first to receive the scholarship for the new academic year.

*If you have any questions about the scholarship or application form, please contact us at jennachen@mail.ntue.edu.tw.

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