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[Inform] Taiwan Amusement Park Fun Play International Ambassador

[Inform] Taiwan Amusement Park Fun Play International Ambassador

A. Purpose of the event

Taiwan has 27 tourist amusement parks, and together they offer a diversity of attractions, such as mechanical amusement parks, cultural experiences, natural adventures, ecological vacations, and animal care. The Tourism Bureau of the Ministry of Transportation and Communications (MOTC) promotes the brand of Taiwan Amusement Park through this event. It utilizes the themes of “knowledge digital power influencing (particularly through the social media efforts of international young people )), and a park is a schoolyard These can spread awareness of the features and joyful vitality of Taiwan’s tourist amusement parks to the world. This will help attract more international tourists to Taiwan, turn the tourist amusement parks into must-see scenic spots, and help promote the Taiwan Amusement Park brand.

B. Event Introduction

1. Organized by: The Tourism Bureau, MOTC, and the Taiwan Amusement Park Association

2. Co-organized by JWI Marketing Co., Ltd.

3. Event Description:

The event will select 50 international ambassadors to experience a 2-day, 1-night amusement park tour that incorporates itineraries with diverse themes. The ambassadors will be able to introduce to the world the charm of Taiwan Amusement Parks through their own eyes and using their own creativity. Viewers will also be able to vote for who they think are the best promotional spokespersons. International ambassadors who share their posts and videos through social media platforms will have a chance to win the highest popularity prize of NT$30,000.

C. Selection Guidelines

1. Recruitment and Registration Platforms The main registration is through an online Google Form (https://reurl.cc/ Yem1MO). The information about the event is simultaneously announced on the following platforms

(1) The official website of Amusement Park in Taiwan https://www.themepark.net.tw

(2) The Facebook fan page of the Tourism Bureau, Ministry of Transportation and Communications (MOTC) https://www.facebook.com/tim efortaiwan101

2. Criteria

All international youths in Taiwan who meet the following qualifications are eligible to apply for the event. Two groups of 25 international ambassadors will be selected for the activity, for a total of 50 international ambassadors. The total number of fans the applicants have on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube will be added up, and the number of fans will be weighted by the applicant's explanation of how he or she plans to present the parks’ attractiveness and expand the reach of the posts after the visit. (The maximum number of weighted fans is 10% of the total number of fans). The applicant, who has the higher number of total fans and weighted number of fans will be recruited based on their rankings. It is expected that the enrolled list will be announced on October 4th on the official website of Amusement Park in Taiwan and the Facebook fan page of the Tourism Bureau MOTC

(1) Foreigners legally living in Taiwan ( including students enrolled in schools, and employees in Taiwan with residence permits, and especially individuals from the New Southbound countries such as the Philippines, Thai land, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Indonesia

(2) Those who are active on social media platforms and operate their own personal pages (such as Facebook fan groups, and on Instagram and YouTube).

(3) Those who have good writing and photographic skills, which will help them describe their tour experience in detail.

D. Rights and responsibilities

1. Each selected international youth ambassador in Taiwan will be provided with free participation in a group for a 2-day, 1-night exploration tour (including insurance, entrance tickets, meals, and accommodations.

2. Participants must complete a Satisfaction Survey by the end of the day of the event.

3. Participants must produce social media promotional posts (in their native language only within one week after the event, including on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, with 3 posts in total (different platforms are preferred ), each with at least 10 photos or videos of 2 to 3 minutes in length Editing is not limited.

4. After the Organizer confirms the posting content is correct, the post must be published on the participant’s personal platform within 2 weeks.

E. Awards

1. Votes will be conducted for popularity awards in promotional posts on personal social media platforms. Five winners with the highest number of likes will be selected in each group, and the points will be calculated by adding up the total number of weighted statistics of the three posts, with the total number of points being calculated as Like x 1 Message x 2 + Share x 3 (the number of Share s will be calculated by FB, but not for IG and YT )). The 1st place winner in each group will be awarded NT$30,000, while the 2nd 5th place winners will receive accommodation vouchers. All international ambassadors who have completed the social media promotional posts will be entitled to two tickets to a park.

2. The submission deadline for Group 1 is November 10th, and for Group 2 is Nov ember 24th. Winners will be announced on November 28th.

3. The Taiwan Amusement Park awards are as follows (randomized gifts cannot be chosen )

F. Itinerary Planning

Tour dates

Group 1 10/14 (Sat) 10/15 (Sun)

Group 2 10/28 (Sat) 10/29 (Sun)

Duration of Itinerary: 2 days per group, with a total of 2 groups

Invited Participants: International youths in Taiwan ( expatriates ), totaling 25 participants in each group

Itinerary Voting: The event is divided into two groups for registration, each with three possible distinctive amusement park tours. At the registration stage, applicants will be asked to choose the tour they most want to experience or recommend among the three itineraries of tours. The itinerary selected by the largest number of the 25 international ambassadors in each group will be used as the Group’s tour route. The results of the itinerary voting are expected to be announced on October 4th on the official website of A Museum Park of Taiwan and the fan page of the Tourism Bureau MOTC.

Itinerary details: (The organizer reserves the right to change and adjust

the details)

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