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The latest announcement of COVID-19 prevention
The updated time: 10 June, 2020
Due to the gradually lifting lockdown by CECC Origanization, NTUE campus are going to adjust the prevention of COVID in accordance with the 
CECC. From 1st July,2020, Open the whole campus, and the prevention for transition are below:

1. 自6月10日起,7:30-22:00開放本校東南入口(餐廳側門),供本校教職員工生以門禁感應卡刷卡入校。未帶門禁卡及洽公訪客,仍需由學校大門入校。
From 10th June, 2020 7:30am to 10:00pm, Open the gate of South-east(the side entrance of restaurant), for all students, teachers and staff members can swipe the easy card to enter in. For those who are not bring their card or the ousider visiting the campus should enter campus from the main entrance. 

2. 自6月15日起,取消量測體溫及職工防疫值班。但宿舍、圖書館人流密集地點,仍維持紅外線體溫量測。
From 15th June, 2020, cancel the body temporature measurement , but some place like dorm or library, keeps the measurement in entrance.

3. 7月1日前,仍採實名制入校。本校教職員工生,以門禁感應卡刷卡入校。
Before 1st July, every school members should also enter campus by using their easy card.

4. 自即日起,開放使用密閉空間。惟活動期間,無法維持安全距離者,請配戴口罩。
From now on, open the space of enclosed space. While the activity happen, everyone should wear the face mask when you cannot keep the distance.

Even though the pandemic goes down recently, the global still suffering from the virus. We should comply with the "New Life of the prevention" by CECC, to keep the safety of campus.


A. Announcement for the postponement of starting date about 2020 Spring Semester
Due to the Coronavirus problem, our university has postponed the staring date for 2020 Spring Semester to Monday, 2nd March.
B. The schedule for course selection das been modified.
Please see the information below:
14th Feb- Announcement toward the result of second-stage course selecting.
2. 3/2~3/13-加退選課、受理校際選課申請(日間學制大學部、碩博士班學生
2nd to 13th March- Course registration & Application period for Inter-University Course Selection
C. Dormitory Announcement
本校開宿日期延後至3/1,如需提早入住,請於2/11上午10時起至2/13下午3時止填寫 google 表單(https://forms.gle/StgTBJUWdsnpW6U87)
The starting date of the dormitory has postponed to 1st March. Students who need to live in the dorm before 1st March, please submit the google form (https://forms.gle/StgTBJUWdsnpW6U87). Application period: 10am, 11st Feb- 3pm, 13th Feb.
D. Announcement of purchasing masks

With the worsening 2019 Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) outbreak in china, the Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC) announced a name-based rationing system for face masks launched on February 6, 2020 and officially starts at 9 am on the same day. NHI Cards or ARC Cards are now available for purchasing masks.
1. Each person is allowed to buy two masks per NHI card at a price of NT$10 in a week (7 days).
2. Based on the last digit of your NHI Card or Resident Certificate or Entry/Exit Permit, you may purchase on the following days:
Odd digit (1,3,5,7,9): Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
Even digit (0,2,4,6,8): Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday
Sunday: No Limitation to the last digit of your NHI card or Resident Certificate Number or Entry/Exit Permit

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For mask Issues: Please call 19221919 (toll-free) or go to National Health Insurance Administration website (www.nhi.gov.tw) to search for the NHI contracted pharmacy. 
Or call 0800-030-598 or 4128-678 (without adding area code), cell phone please call 02-4128-678.

五、請加入疾管家 line帳號 (https://page.line.me/vqv2007o),了解衛生署最新通告。相關訊息亦可查詢疾管署官網:https://www.cdc.gov.tw/
E. Please join LINE Account (
https://page.line.me/vqv2007o) for any notices from the Department of Health. Please also check the latest information for 2019 Novel Coronavirus on the website of the Centers for the Disease Control: https://www.cdc.gov.tw/En