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Student Activity

2021/2022 Academic year: Fall Semester
October 19 - October 22【Student Club】International Culture Week
April 10【Student ClubHalloween in Shilin
April 27【Student ClubMap of Taiwan
May 1【Student ClubMulticultural Workshop
May 1【Student ClubISCES Christmas Party

May 1【Student ClubChristmas Event for International Students

2020/2021 Academic year: Spring Semester

March 6-7【Student ClubTogether in Yilan
March 29 - April 1【Student ClubInternational Culture Week

April 10【Student ClubTrip to Xiaobitan
April 27【Event】Calligraphy
May 1【Student ClubDiscover Southeast Asia
May 15【Student Club】Let's meet at Dihua Street and Dadaocheng (activity canceled due to the COVID-19 outbreak)
May 25【Event】Mini Sky Lantern (activity postponed due to the COVID-19 outbreak)
June 5【Student Club】Have fun in the Dragon Boat Festival (activity canceled due to the COVID-19 outbreak)
June 12【Student Club】Refreshing trip in Yamgmingshan (activity canceled due to the COVID-19 outbreak)
June 17【Event】Chinese Opera Mask

2020/2021 Academic year: Fall Semester
September 4【Event】Airport pick-up & Orientation

September 5【Student ClubTaipei half-day tour
October 7【Student ClubMusic night
October 24【Student ClubSishou Mountain climbing
November 28【Student ClubTrip to Shifen
December 19【Student ClubChristma "R" shmallow
January 9【Student ClubA trip to Tamsui