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Meet the Student

Meeting Student at NTUE

2018-2019 (107-108) The achievement exhibition event of Higher Education Sprout Project
Korean Student - Kim Moonjoo
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Thank you for being my friend. 
@Kim Moonjoo, The second year of master's in psychology and counseling
When I was asked to do a performance during the achievement exhibition event, I was a little bit hesitant to accept it. But with the support of the staff in the international office, I decided to do it. When I thought about what kind of performance that I would do, it took time to choose. Maybe I was a little bit afraid of performing in front of people. Like me as a normal person, I wonder "how can I do a performance?" In case I make a mistake, could I bear that embarrassing moment? These thoughts made me nervous about the performance. But I reflected on my worries. I already had decided to do a performance, why did I have to worry about that? What I need to do is to choose waht kind of performance i will do, and just practice it. I finally chose to sing a song, titled "friend". The reasons why I chose it: first, when I arrived in Taiwan, I met a lot of friends who supported and encouraged me. Second, the song reminds me that I have to be a friend to thos who needs help. So, I chose that song and started to practice. I think this song has a special meaning for me. The more I practice, the more I could feel the lyrics' meaning. Especially when I practiced a part of "真愛過,才會懂,會寂寞,會回首(Becuase I truly loved, I can understand. I can feel lonely, I can lool back.)", I could feel the meaning of lyrics with my heart. It's because of my experience in Taiwan. Sometimes I feel lonely and isolated, but I encouraged myself to start again. After practicing that song, finally the day has come. I need to do a performance in front of people! Actually, that morning, I was so nervous. I have to prepare my costume and I have to rehearse. In my mind, I had a doubt if I could do it well or not. When I arrived at school to prepare for the performance, all the staff encouraged me. 
Finally, it's my turn to do a performance. During my song, everybody was looking at me. Because I was so nervous at that moment, I don't remember very well if it well or not. The only thing that I remember is the warm eveys of everyone. They were looking at me and some of them were singing together with me. That was a great experience for me. At the moment, I flet as if we were united as one. It was no matter that I am a Korean or they are Taiwanese. The atmosphere made me understand at least at that moment we were friends. I want to express my gratitude to the staff from international office, they encouraged me to do a performance and supported me. Like they did it for me, I would like to become a friend of those in need.

「Introduce our AIT Teacher - Robert Ashley Powell, an America teacher from North Carolina teaching at NTUE」

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Robert Ashley Powell, we usually call him Bob, is now teaching English class in NTUE. In the past few years he was teaching at North Carolina public schools, New York City, Southern California, Sao Paulo Brazil, Shamghai, and Seoul South Korea, and because have this "The English Language Fellow Program", the students in NTUE got the opportunity taught by  Bob, a experienced teacher of English speaker.

Now he is excited to be working with pre-service teachers at NTUE. He has a passion for sharing what he has learned about English teaching. When asked about living in Taipei, he said that he love it. "This is a marvelous city. I particularly enjoy the weather. I am not a fan of cold winters". He said he also enjoys playing in the parks. "I love to go to the park and play taiji(太極), it is my favorite way to relax when I am not working".

"Sometime that I am really thankful for is the Language Center where I take Mandarin classes" he said. "My impression of the teaching staff there is that they are top notch". He takes Chinese langauges classes to improve his communication skills and his teaching skills. He says "being a student is a powerful tool that helps you understand teaching". He believes that teaching and learning go hand in hand.
So if you have not seen the foreign teacher Bob yet, look out for him in the gym, the library, or the cafeteria. Don't be shy, say hello. Bob loves helping students practice English.
This is an imageOur Korean Exchange Student - Lim Jimin (智珉)
Jimin is our Exchange Student from Korea, she was wrote her life in Taiwan and wants to share with us.

It was an excellent choice to become an exchange student in NTUE. I came from Korea, and have been in Taiwan for one year since September 2019. I never regret my decision to come here.

NTUE provides a buddy program, letting the exchange students adjust to the life in Taiwan. My buddy and I went to Taiwan attractions every week. Transportation is convenient around this area, so you can travel at any time, anywhere.

There is also a club named ISCES, which is for international cultural exchange. Thanks to the club, I experienced various Taiwan culture and had a lot of fun with friends from many different countries.

This is an image2019-2020 Korean Exchange Student - Yerin (睿璘)
Yerin is our Exchange Student from Korea, she shared her Taiwan's life in living, study, and activities. 

“Why did you decide to become an exchange student?”, this is the most frequently asked question from people after I came to Taiwan. I thought being an exchange student is a very special opportunity for university students to live abroad, so I decided to participate in exchange program a year ago. Now, I can say that this one year is one of the most unforgettable experiences in my life. This is because through student exchange program, I made new friends and improved my skills. To begin with, while living in Taiwan, I made new friends. For example, I got to know other exchange students, language exchange partners, school club members, my buddy, roommates, and classmates. They helped me a lot when I have difficulties because of language barrier. Furthermore, by hanging out and having a talk with them, I could deepen my understanding of Taiwanese culture and broaden my perspective. Next, taking classes in NTUE and the Language Center helped me improve my academic skills and Chinese. Even though NTUE is a university of education, it offers a variety of classes, so I could take classes that are related to my field of interest. NTUE also provided exchange students an opportunity to observe elementary school classes in Taiwan, which made me able to compare Taiwanese education system with Korean education system. Moreover, my Chinese really has improved a lot after taking classes in the Language Center. The time in Taiwan went by too fast. I would like to thank all the friends, teachers, and staffs in international office for all their help.