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Summer and Winter Activities

Winter/Summer Programs from Partner Institutions

Since 2014, our partner institutions including Gunma University, Seoul National University of Education, Anchi University of Education, Pai Chai University, Daegu National University of Education, Taiyuan University of Technology, Capital Normal University, Northeast Normal University, Northwest Normal University, Central China Normal University and Anshan Normal University Liaoning China had held winter and summer programs irregularly every year (about 10-12 programs per year).

Each year there are around 20-40 NTUE students participate in these programs during winter and summer vacations. Within one to two weeks, students are able to gain first-hand experience and cultural exploration
, and given the opportunity of meeting and making friends from foreign countries.

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  2017/7/18-25 Anchi University of Education                                                                    2016/12/22-31 Northeast Normal University