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Study Buddy

Study Buddy Program
In order to provide international students (both degree-seeking and exchange students) a friendly environment, a Student Buddy system (including Life Buddy and Study Buddy) is set up to offer necessary assistance for foreign students to live in Taiwan.
Your Life Buddy will assist you...
1. Actively contact with you before arrive and assist in airport pick-up.
2. Daily life assistance (such as currency exchange, acquiring mobile phone number, opening a post office or bank account, 
    instruct on groceries shopping, accommodation seeking both on and off campus)
To complete the enrollment and registration procedure at the NTUE, as well as the use of the course selection system, campus
    orientation and familiarizing themselves with the environment.
4. To understand the culture of Taiwan and encourage you to participate in campus activities.
5. Other daily living related issues.

Your Study Buddy will assist you...
1. To keep up your course studies.
2. To improve your Chinese proficiency.
3. Other studies related issues.

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