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Pick-up Service

Free airport Pick-up servcie for Exchange Students are available on specified date(s). Please offer date and flight number at least 1 month earlier before arrvial
Airport Pick-up service information
1. In order to know students’ arrival status, students not using free pick-up service and arriving on other days should also reply their flight information. 
Please fill out flight information on application portal before 26th, January, 2021.
The link of Application Portal: https://exchange.ntue.edu.tw/login.php?lang=en-us

2. If you are planning to arrive prior to the scheduled move in day (dorm open day), please make appropriate off campus lodging reservations in advance.
3. Your study buddies will pick you up on the confirmed date and hold a "Welcome sign" for you to recognize them.

*the welcome sign will be like this:
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Mobile phone information
At the time Taiwanese Buddy picks you up at the airport, you can buy the mobile-phone prepaid card at the service office in Taoyuan International Airport upon you arrive. (suggest)
Applying for mobile phone service requires ARC, passport, or driving license, and you should be accompanied by a guarantor with his/her ID card and health insurance card to the telecommunication companies. You can also take your own mobile phone and buy a prepaid card(your passport, ARC, and ID card number are required).

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