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How to get to Campus Dormitory?
After entering our school from the main gate, please go straight ahead of the road between the Administrative Building and the Duxing Building. Turn left when you see the field. Keep going straight, in front of you is the Student Center. To your left is the First Dormitory 第一宿舍 (Dorm A)for Female. To your right is the Second Dormitory  第二宿舍(Dorm B)for Female and Male.
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Dormitory Environment
a. Dormitory for foreign Exchange/Undergraduate Degree-seeking students
Floor 1 to 5 in Dorm A is a female dormitory and the public areas such as bathrooms & toilets which have been renovated and are located on both sides of each floor. Floors 1 and 2 in Dorm B are female dormitories & the male dormitory is arranged in the floors 3 to 5. All dormitories are equipped with an access control system.
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b. Social Hall on the 1 Floor
Once a student steps into the dorm, they will see the social hall. It is an area for everyone to mingle with each other, a front desk where part-time student workers, housekeepers, or Dorm supervisors provide assistance for inquiry and is an open space for students to communicate.
Normally students also stay there to have a chat or homework discussion. In addition to that, television is provided for both students and visitors.
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c. Dormitory
Each dormitory room is for 6 people and each person has 1 table, 1 closet, and 1 shoe cabinet for one's own space. The bed is on the top of the table or closet and there is a small cabinet beside the bed for storage.
Special care dorms are located on the first floor of both the A and B dormitories. These ease of access rooms have 4 low beds(no bunk beds). Located near these rooms are bathrooms with improved access toilets grab bars and emergency buttons.
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d. Study Hall on the 3rd Floor 
We provide a quiet place for study and each seat in the hall is provided with a table lamp & a power socket

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e. Social Hall on the 5th floor
The social hall has a wide space for you to do exercise or art design, read books, and discuss your schoolwork with classmates. There is also a cable TV for you.  The sofa area is clean and comfortable, and the wood floor gives you a homey feeling.
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f. Toilet & Shower room
Toilets are equipped on two sides of each floor, there are both squatting and common toilets arranged.

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g. Laundry Room
Three washing machines, two water extractors and one tumble dryer are 
placed respectively  on two sides of the wash basin.
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h. Accessible Bathroom & Toilet on the 1st Floor
An accessible place is 
respectively on two sides of the 1st floor for boarders to use and the special caring dorm is near the accessible bathrooms and toilets.
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Dorm facilities & Fees
Type of accommodation Standard room with 6 beds.
Special care room with 4 beds.
Estimated Accommodation Fee per semester NTD$8,350 (excluding internet fee NTD$600, deposit NTD$500 & air-conditioning fee)
Deposit NTD$500 is refundable with no dorm rule violation.
Additional fee is applicable for the summer/winter break
*Please pay the accommodation fee in cash upon arrival to receive an access card.
Meals Estimated cost: NTD$250-300 per day
Facilities Inside bedroom: computer ports, telephone, wardrobe, desk, air-condition.
Share Facilities: reading room, refrigerator, laundry room, bathroom/toilet
Mattress, blanket, duvet, &pillow are not provided in the dormitory.
No kitchen or cooking area in the dormitory.
*Payment procedure please complete by the Deadline of Registration, dorm fee is NTD$8,350 including internet fee NTD$600, but NOT including air-conditioning fee.

Things should know
NTUE Guidelines for Application, Supervision, and Management of Student Dormitories This is an image
Public Space Usage Standards for NTUE Student Dormitories This is an image
NTUE Guidelines for Refrigerator Management This is an image
NTUE Regulations for Use of Dorm Air-Conditioner IC Cards This is an image
Dorm Reminder This is an image
Accommodation Guidelines  This is an image

Before Check-in
a. Please purchase bedding in on-campus 7-11 or receive second-hand bedding from a sample house on the ground floor in the second dorm.
b. Bedding purchase information
Location: On-campus 7-11 on 1st floor, Student center
Items Price (NTD$)
Mattress 800
Summer Blanket 550
Winter Duvet 700
Pillow 300

c.  Receive second-hand bedding: This is free but the offer is subject to availability. 

Off-Campus Accommodation
TSUEI MA MA Foundation for Housing & Community Service
Website http://www.tmm.org.tw/rent/rent.htm
Tel (+886)-2-2365-8140
Fax (+886)-2-2368-3073
E-mail Snail.tmm@gmail.com
Address 12-floor, No.241, 3rd section, Roosevelt road, Daan Zone, Taipei, Taiwan

For more information regarding the on-campus dormitory, please refer to
the Office of Studnet Affairs' website: 
Or contact them directly
Campus Security Dormitory
Name Office of Student Affairs
Mr. Zhang, Wei-Feng
Office of Student Affairs  
Ms. Chuang, Yu-Fen
Tel (+886)-2-6639-6688 (+886)-2-6639-6688
Extension 82357 82054
E-mail kindalston@tea.ntue.edu.tw tiffany840904@mail.ntue.edu.tw