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Partner Institutions

National Taipei University of Education (NTUE) actively pursues a policy of international  academic collaboration. Links with higher education institutions worldwide are formed and maintained through formal academic agreement, exchange programs, symposia and visits. 

We currently has established formal academic partnerships with 109 institutions (incl. colleges and departments), which locate in 15 countries in Asia (70), Oceania, America (13), and Europe (26). Besides multi-directional exchange programs, the NTUE keeps seeking more partners for international cooperation to build a broader overseas landscape of partnerships. Many of the faculty members have visited overseas academic partners for research and fact-finding purposes. International scholars are frequently invited to the university to give lectures or participate in symposia. NTUE strives to expand and strengthen our connections with other well-known institutions in the world, aims to make ourselve a valuable partner to all our cooperative institutions and offering our students more opportunities in overseas interactions.