Division of International Affairs, NTUE organized the "Online Language and Cultural Program" gained good results, Korean teachers & students all express high levels of satisfaction

At this critical moment of COVID-19, We organized the "NTUE-Korea Online Language and Cultural Program" for our Korea sister universities. The students from Korea have learned and experienced the Taiwanese culture and language through this 2 days online activity. They all fascinated with Taiwanese culture, and express their interest in an exchange to Taiwan or study for further courses in Chinese after the online program.
To express our hospitality to the International partner institutions, we invite our overseas partner institutions from Europe, America, Japan, and Korea every year to come to NTUE and experience the different cultures here in 10 or 14 days. In order to complete the program successfully, we will recruit NTUE students who are interested in cultural interaction to assist us during the whole program and leading our foreign friends to explore Taipei City. 
This year, with the large impact of COIVD-19, it's hard to hold the on-site program in NTUE, so we decided to organize this Langauge and Cultural Program ONLINE, and invited 10 universities, in total 20 students
from Korea to join with us! 
We sincerely hope that students could learn more and know more about Taiwan after the class.

After the end of the online program, we send the certificate, greetings card, and gift to them to express our appreciation for their participation, and thankful for their support and kindness.

The photos are the students from Incheon National University with NTUE hoodies on the campus of Incheon:

This is an image This is an image
(taken by Mr. Ko, from Incheon National University)