5th Automatic 30-Day Visa Extensions Announced for Foreigners who have Legally Stayed for 180 Days or More

Considering the current state of the global pandemic is still grim, NIA has decided to provide the 5th automatic extension to foreigners who entered Taiwan before or on March 21, 2020, and have not overstayed their allowed duration of stay (including their initial visa and all previous extensions).

NIA stresses that, in order to prevent international movement of population leading to further outbreaks, as well as to reduce the burden of epidemic prevention on local neighborhoods, foreigners who had been allowed to stay for 180 days or more were granted four automatic 30-day extensions, which were announced on JUL 17, AUG 14, SEP 14, and OCT 15 respectively. The fifth extension is now in effect.

NIA further explains that upcoming extension policies will be reviewed and timely adjusted, in accordance with the CECC’s assessment on the COVID-19 outbreak. For detailed requirements and information about this extension policy, please refer to the following “Q&A.”

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