2018 Language & Cultural Program for NTUE Japanese partner schools is now open for application

  • 2017-11-27
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It is our greatest honor to invite students from your university to attend the 2018 NTUE Cultural Program held from 12-21 March 2018. The maximum number of students coming to Taipei has announced to contact person of partner schools. The deadline for partner schools to submit the application is 31 January 2018. We will email students a complete list of participants by 12 February 2017.
Dates: 12-21 March 2018
Chinese class hours: 9-12
Participant numbers: Up to 20
Cost: Free
We provide classes on Chinese language and Taiwanese culture, field trips, social meals and partial accommodation.
Students only pay air ticket, dinners, insurance and personal expense.
1.Lively Chinese language classes
Basic Conversation Chinese classes taught by experienced teacher.
2.Social events with local people
Tour and lunch with NTUE students
3. Various cultural experiences
Chinese yo-yo practice, Chinese paper cutting, pineapple cake and Chinese DIY…etc
4. City sightseeing/ Field Trips
Visit tourist hot spots in Taipei: National Palace Museum
Field trips: Jiufen, Pingxi…etc
5. Delicious Taiwanese foods
Soup Dumplings (Xiao Long Bao), bubble tea, fried chicken, pineapple cake are waiting for you to try.
6. Welcome Dinner
Welcome banquet
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Please find application form and flyer in attachment.

  1. The flight tickets will be paid by the students.
  2. Free breakfast is available offered in Hotel. Lunches will be taken care of by staffs of NTUE, but students have to pay for 7 to 8 dinners as they will be visiting different parts of the city in small groups with NTUE students after the class every afternoon.
  3. The welcome party, courses, teaching materials, admission tickets to tourist spots, and transportation (coaches) of trips will all be paid by NTUE.
  4. Students will stay off-campus accommodation in triple room of YMCA/twin room of Dunnan branch of K hotel and pay NT$ 1000 per night upon arrival.
  5. Pick-up service at the airport will be arranged for all students, but please encourage your students to travel to Taipei in a group.
  6. Early arrival is possible, but students who arrives Taipei before 12 March and leave after 21 March will have to pay for the additional cost of accommodation.
  7. The welcome party will be held at 18:00 on 12 March that students are encouraged to arrive Taipei no later than 15:00 on that day.
  8. The information of students should include full names, gender, dates of birth, majors, year of study, and emergency contact information during application stage. Please put 1 or 2 students in waiting list if applicants exceed the quota we offered.
  9. If applicant is a vegetarian, please do let us know by filling the application form.
  10. Please provide flight information by 26 February 2018 for pick-up arrangement.
  11. Though NTUE offers insurance for field trips, students are required to purchase medical and accident insurance for the whole period of program and bring the proof/certificate to Taiwan.
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