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Position Name Phone Email Capacity
Dean Professor, Mengping Tsuei 82162 This is an image General Management for Office of Research and Development.
Secretariat Cindy Wu 82021 This is an image
1. Performing the general compilation of the documents and data from all the sections of the
    department, receiving and dispatching official documents, submitting the schedule of the
    Vice President for Research and Development.
2. Assisting with the operation of school evaluation.
3. Holding the meetings of School Affairs & Development Advisory Committee, R&D
    Council and International and Cross-strait Affairs Committee.
4. Executing and managing the supporting project for International Section.

Division of International Affairs
Position Name Phone Email Capacity
Director Assistant Professor, Ya-Hui Wang 82220 This is an image General Management for Division of International Affairs.
Assistant Director, 
International Cooperation
Dr. Jill Ho 82229 This is an image 1. Executing Global Conferences and Events.
2. NTUE Globalized Fair.
3. Management of International Degree Student Admission.
Executive Officer,
International Relations
Chia-Yun Sung 82020 This is an image 1. Partner Institution.
2. Cultural and Language Programs.
3. Contact Person for Outgoing Exchange Students.
MOE Scholarship Programs.
Executive Officer Stella Chou 82137 This is an image Contact Person for Incoming Exchange Students.
Executive Officer Viola Fan Jiang 82019 This is an image 1. Documentation for Division of International Affairs.
2. Sponsorship of NTUE Globalized Fair.
3. Overseas Study Courses.
4. MOE "Pilot Overseas Internships".
Executive Chia-Lin Ko 82218 This is an image 1. Taiwan Scholarship & Scholarships for Incoming Exchange Students and Degree Students.
Editor for the Division of International Affairs Website. 

Division of Comprehensive Planning
Position Name Phone Email Capacity
Executive Officer Erica Chen 85059 This is an image 1. Mid-term and long-term planning of school affairs.
2. Assisting with the tasks of school evaluation.

3. Tasks related to the Faculty Merit Pay Project by MOE.
4. The compilation of task reports.
5. Other temporary tasks.
Executive Officer Eunice Huang 82207 This is an image 1. Executing the application for the announcement of projects and supporting projects of
    MOST and the closing of cases.

2. Co-signing the appointment contract of each project and part of the cases of write-off.
3. The tabulation tasks of the monthly principal investigator salary and the insurance for the
    students with grant-in-aid in research projects.

4. The application for the announcement of the cases of independent study conducted by the
    faculty and the task of budget write-off.

5. Tasks of budget making and final settlement for the Department of R&D.
6. Making of regulations on academic ethics and Integrity and conducting relevant
    educational  trainings.

7. Tasks about the announcement of Research Integrity Program and the participation in
    northern region alliance.

8. Other temporary tasks.
Executive Officer Sandy Wang 85050 This is an image 1. Tasks at Institutional Research Center.
2. Database of the information of school affairs of colleges and universities, MOE.
3. Executing tasks about the incentive for academic research.
Executive Officer Joan Huang 85051 This is an image 1. Executing the promotion tasks about the faculty promotion in multiple ways.
2. Executing relevant tasks about dissertation plagiarism comparison.
3. Modifying the Faculty Evaluation Regulations.
4. Other temporary tasks.
Postdoctoral Researcher Wei-Ting Chen 85052 This is an image 1. Executing tasks related to the journal, Teaching Practice and Pedagogical Innovation.
2. Conducting statistical analysis of the data for institutional research.
3. Other temporary tasks.
Executive Linda Jian 85056 This is an image 1. Assisting with tasks related to the journal, Teaching Practice and Pedagogical Innovation.
2. Assisting with tasks related to dissertation plagiarism comparison system.
3. Assisting with the promotion of the faculty promotion in multiple ways.
4. Assisting with the management of the part-time employees in the section.
5. Other temporary tasks.

Industry-Academia Cooperation and Incubation Center
Position Name Phone Email Capacity
Director Associate Professor, Hui-Fen Chen 82237 This is an image General Management for Industry-Academia Cooperation and Incubation Center.
Executive Officer Anmigel Lin 82337 This is an image 1. Generally managing and promoting related affairs of industry-university collaboration at
    the  university.

2. Applying for patents, technology transfer and protection for the results of R&D.
3. Leasing and managing the space inside the Incubation Center of the university.
4. Assisting with the Innovative Entrepreneurship Activity on campus.
5. Filling in and submitting data to the database for institutional research. (An item of industry-
   university collaboration).

6. Managing budgets and write-offs.
7. Other temporary tasks.